Paper-based discovery in litigation, as everyone knows, has been dying for a long time, but not everyone is ready to embrace the brave new world of e-discovery. Like it or not, however, almost all of the documents and information relevant to your litigation were created as electronic documents, and increasingly your clients and the courts expect and require attorneys conduct discovery as electronic discovery.

Clarus Discovery is available to help you meet the needs and requirements of your clients and the courts when it comes to e-discovery.


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We are the bridge between the practice of law and the increasingly complex ways businesses and people create, store, and use electronic documents and information. We created Clarus Discovery to help attorneys who are find themselves facing with meet the e-discovery related needs of solo attorneys and smaller law firms.We…

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Every minute of every day, people and companies produce and store vast amounts of data and information—we’ve moved beyond mere gigabytes and terabytes and are now using terms like petabytes, exabytes, and zettabytes (the nomenclature used to describe the amount of data is baffling, if not comical). Every day, people and companies commence thousands of lawsuits. And sooner rather than later, some of that data and information will be the subject of discovery in those lawsuits. In 2006, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure mandated that litigants conduct e-discovery, and in 2013 the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure followed suit. The question for solo and small firm attorneys is how to deal with all that data and the rules.

Gone are the days when an attorney and a paralegal or two could build a case by plowing through thousands and thousands of documents while holed up in a conference room. Today, attorneys receive a CD or two that can contain the equivalent of hundreds of boxes of documents. Where to start? You could, as in the good old days, look at each document, electronic page by electronic page. But that’s as inefficient and costly as the old way. Or you could send the data to a large and expensive vendor and have it reviewed by . . . well, who knows. That’s a lot of trust to place in the hands of people whose qualifications are open to question.

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The solution is to find someone with the education, training and experience to protect you and your client. At Clarus Discovery, we have the trial experience and e-discovery expertise to help you. Contact Clarus Discovery by email or call 612-217-1466 to learn more about how we can make your e-discovery a success.